Month: April 2021 Newark cops, with reform, didn’t fire a single shot in 2020

“They hired more Black and brown officers, began training programs based on best-practices, required any officer who uses force in any way to report it in detail, and for the supervisor to review it. The bad cops were suddenly outed.” Read this fascinating op-ed by Star-Ledger Editorial Board‘s Tom Moran about how police reforms in Newark, NJ succeeded to prevent … Read More

Texas Tribune: Texas Muslims Back Bill Creating a More Inclusive Calendar for Government Employees

MAPS supports and applauds the introduction of a bipartisan bill in the Texas House on Jan. 20 that would make it easier for state employees to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the two Islamic holidays following Ramadan. House Bill 1231 would designate the two holidays as optional employee holidays, which Muslim state employees then could observe if they worked … Read More

Partnership for Public Service: The Benefits of Hiring Talent Without a Four-Year Degree for Federal Jobs

According to a recent research from the Partnership for Public Service, to attract, hire and retain a diversity of talent, Federal agencies should consider recruiting candidates who don’t have a four-year degree for positions that don’t require one. Their recent research report on Federal opportunities in California for people without a four-year degree explains how this practice could benefit hiring … Read More

Press Release: Launch of Muslim Americans in Public Service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, D.C., April 11th, 2021 — Representatives of Muslim Federal employee staff associations, with hundreds of members between them, have convened over the past year to launch a national umbrella of Muslim public servants and their allies with the aim of empowering its members to catalyze institutional footprints across government, provide professional growth tools and resources, and … Read More

Detail Opportunity: Help HHS Care for and Place Unaccompanied Children

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to support the Administration’s urgent efforts to care for and place Unaccompanied Children who have entered the United States via the southern border. HHS is seeking interested candidates to serve up to a 120-day voluntary deployment detail as part of the HHS, … Read More

President Biden Executive Order Rescinds Diversity Training Restrictions & Requires Review of Agency Equity

MAPS welcomes the recent executive order signed by President Biden on his first day in office ordering agencies to “root out” systemic racism and other forms of discrimination both in the workplace and in their public-facing programs. The new order effectively ends the Trump Administration’s policy that denied the existence of systemic racism in the United States and also rescinds … Read More

Liaison Officers Appointed in Every Rhode Island Police Department

MAPS is encouraged by the recent announcement by Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha that every police department in the state has now appointed a Hate Crimes and Civil Rights Liaison Officer, as part of his initiative to prioritize civil rights work and protect Rhode Island’s diverse communities from crimes motivated by hate. MAPS believes similar steps across state … Read More