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About Muslim Americans in Public Service


Muslims have been part of America’s story since our Nation’s founding.  

From enslaved African Muslims who laid the foundations of Muslim America over four hundred years ago, to Black Muslims who pushed Islam into the mainstream, to more recent expatriates, immigrants and refugees coming from all corners of the world, Muslims are a reflection of America’s diversity. Muslim American communities bring a wide range of lived experiences and traditions that have strengthened the rich fabric of this country. 

Muslim Americans have made contributions in all areas of public life, including public service. Over the last two decades, a growing number of Muslim Americans have answered the call to serve either as elected officials, political appointees, or career civil and foreign service officers. They have represented the United States as Ambassadors and Special Envoys, as Peace Corps and AmeriCorps volunteers, as federal judges and prosecutors, in our armed services, and across the interagency. Like many other communities, Muslim Americans are drawn to serve in order to continue and contribute to the requisite labor of creating a more just, equitable, and perfect Union.  

Responding to the growing need of bringing together Muslims across all areas of public service, Muslim Americans in Public Service (MAPS) hopes to serve as an umbrella network of this robust, growing community of public servants and their organizations. Our initiative honors, supports, and magnifies their worthy contributions, and aims to nurture and advance the public service leaders of tomorrow.


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