MAPS Chapters

MAPS National Chapters 

MAPS National recognizes and supports the following chapters.

MAPS chapters conduct programs and activities that are in accord with the objectives of MAPS National, and may be established in Federal, State, county or local agencies or public institutions.

MAPS is the first national non-profit that aims to support, reinforce, and sustain staff associations representing Muslim public service professionals across government. MAPS also links chapters with other Muslim staff associations through a national network, and facilitates collaboration and resource sharing among them through representation on MAPS’ Leadership Coordination Council.

Learn more about forming a MAPS chapter at your government Agency or public institution here.

Muslim Americans in Public Service (MAPS) is an employee resource group at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), whose mission is to foster community, religious accommodation, and professional networking among its members.

Particular emphasis and focus among and on behalf of MAPS membership will be dedicated to the practice of public service at the Department and Federal Government level. MAPS also aims to assist DOT with achieving specific strategic human capital business initiatives and serve as a strategic partner in promoting a culture of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. 

Founded: 2020

Current President: Ahmad Maaty