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Volunteer for MAPS Leadership or Support MAPS Programs

Our community’s strength lies not only in our shared resources, but the extent to which we deploy those resources for the benefit of our members.

Volunteer your time and talent to MAPS by joining our Board or Advisory Council, staffing Standing Board Committees, enlisting as a Career Mentor, registering as a Speaker for future programs, sharing professional opportunities, or offering other skills and services to MAPS and its membership.

Board of Directors

MAPS activities an objectives are organized, and coordinated and executed by a Board of Directors. MAPS is currently recruiting against the following vacancies on its Board’s Executive Committee, including:

  • Board Secretary
  • Communications and Advocacy Director

If you have relevant or transferrable skills or experience for the positions above, we would love to hear from you. No prior or current experience in Muslim associations or non-profits required. Positions are volunteer roles and are open to persons of all religions and backgrounds that share MAPS’ mission.

Advisory Council 

MAPS’ Advisory Council serves as an organizational resource to the Board and professional resource to its members. Advisory Council candidates are senior, highly accomplished or otherwise distinguished Muslim professionals and current or former public servants interested in shaping and supporting MAPS and working for the inclusion of Muslims in American government and civil society.

While we are no longer actively recruiting Advisory Council members, qualified candidates are welcome to self-identify and engage on a rolling basis in preparation for scheduled and unscheduled vacancies on the Council. 

Leadership Coordination Council

The MAPS Leadership Coordination Council is comprised of representatives of established Muslim staff associations across government. 

Join the MAPS Leadership Committee on behalf of your qualified organization to engage your counterparts in other Agencies and Departments. The Council provides a forum for sustained cooperation, coordination and collaboration across similarly focused organizations, and allows input into the programs and services of MAPS National. 

Committees and task forces may be formed by the MAPS Board or individual Board Directors as needed to assist with their responsibilities. These standing committees may include those to assist each of the five Directors with their duties, with additional standing committees and task forces formed around special issues, activities, functions and priorities at the local and national level.

Committee members directly serve the objectives and goals of MAPS, the community and cause of Muslims in public service, and American society at large. They also contribute their applicable skills and experience to, or gain valuable experience in, non-profit management, public engagement, human capital development, communications, and finance.

MAPS Board standing committees include:

  • Programs Committee;
  • Professional Development Committee;
  • Advocacy Committee;
  • Membership Committee; 
  • Finance Committee; and
  • Justice & Equity Committee

Check back here regularly to review additional standing committees, special committees, and task forces as they are announced and staffed, join our mailing lists to stay updated, or sign up for ongoing committee opportunities today by contacting the MAPS Board below.

Support the career development of fellow Muslim professionals by offering your time, insights, network or professional opportunities as a MAPS Career Mentor.

If you are a senior executive or professional, have at least seven years of specialized experience or other special qualification, MAPS invites you to our Mentorship Program as a professional resource to our community.

Various degrees of engagements are available based of each individual Mentor, from direct pairing to annual or semi-annual lectures, panels and webinars, to Professional Development Committee advisory or coordination roles.

Learn more or join today by submitting your bio and areas of expertise using the form below.

Are you distinguished professional, published author, senior or elected official, or have special skills or experience to share with interested professionals, public servants, and students? Consider engaging directly with our community by joining MAPS roster of public speakers, panelists, and experts.

Develop your public speaking skills and experience while enriching the knowledge, skills or exposure of other professionals in the public service space.

Register as a MAPS Speaker today by submitting your bio and areas of expertise using the form below.

As Muslims serve their communities and public institutions across the country, our network is endowed with a broad national reach. 

By volunteering your special skills and abilities to MAPS’ network of professionals and organizations, you directly support to the capabilities and strength of your community and expand the breadth and impact of its public service contributions.

Special skills may include graphic design, website building, fundraising, event planning, outreach, and community service. Special services may include legal advice, reviewing resumes and cover letters, etc.

Share your skills or services with the MAPS network using the form below.

Tap into our dedicated and experienced talent pool while directly supporting and expanding the contributions of our community, by sharing employment, internship, or detail opportunities with MAPS membership.

Opportunities may be with your team directly, or within your Federal agency, Legislative, or Judicial office.

MAPS is building a system of targeting specialized candidates and facilitating decentralized MAPS communities of practice around professional areas. While the process is underway, valuable professional opportunities may be shared with other members directly via our distribution lists and social media accounts, or shared with MAPS using the form below.

We welcome you to consider sharing your voice with your community by submitting articles or blog posts to MAPS National. 

Share your views, projects, causes, or experience and personal narrative as a Muslim public service professional. 

Begin by expressing your interest using the form below, and we would be happy work with you toward posting your original work to spark conversations or advance the discourse among our network.

Make a tax deductible donation today to support MAPS programs and continued growth.

As MAPS’ Governing Board, Committees, and Advisory Council are volunteer bodies, your contribution will directly support and facilitate better events and services, broader reach, and a stronger and more visible community.

Learn more or make your contribution here.